Teacup Pigs

Teacup Pigs are Special Creatures

Teacup pigs are the micro sized pigs having a lively nature. They have same features like big pigs, but are compact in size and you can easily keep them in your houses. These adorable babies love to move around and you can carry them from one place to the other. Teacup pigs require up to 5 years time to reach to their adulthood and their lifespan is approximately 15-18 years.

You need to do full homework to bring the special nano-pigs to your house. You can find the best breeder having availability of full knowledge about pigs and right information of the parents of the cute little baby pigs. These animals can reproduce even before their physical growth and at this young age, the little piggies become mothers. In case, the mother is above 3 years of age, she will have lesser chances to grow up and remain approximately same sized.

Teacup pigs in adulthood have body weight 50-100 pounds and height 12-16 inches. You need to check out whether you can keep teacup pig in your society as there are some places in which pigs are prohibited. You need fenced area for pigs as they can get out of their play zone to explore new places. These animals are highly notorious and you have to take care of the fencing for binding limits for them.

If you are thinking about buying Teacup pig, you can either purchase it through a seller or simply adopt it. There are many people who leave their teacups because they are not able to manage them. You can adopt an unwanted pig and give a new life to them. It will be indeed a special experience for you to care for the abandoned pig. There are legal terms available for adopting and keeping teacup pigs at home or farms.