Teacup Pigs

Common Problems in Teacup pigs

Common Problems in Teacup pigs

Teacup pigs are amazing creatures having extraordinarily lively nature. You will love their presence in your life and they are actually easy to keep and manage at home. The demand of these pets is increasing with the celebrities picking up these pets for showing off in various events.

Teacup pigs mean that the newborn Micro pigs are of the size of a large tea mug. The size of these animals is appropriate to be kept at home. You will find teacup pigs with local breeders in your city or through online marketers. They will reveal the state laws for owning these pets with all the legal terms. Teacup refers to the size of a teacup and these animals are indeed very tiny when they are newborns. They grow rapidly and attain the maximum size of small dogs.

Common Problems in Teacup pigs


Some common troubles associated with teacup pigs are:

Digestive system problems
Heart issues & attacks
Liver problems
Head injury (specifically brain issues)
Fragile bones
Dental problems
Genetic issues

Another problematic issue in teacup pigs is that they don’t grow from outside, but their inner organs become larger as an adult. These full sized organs can cause several problems inside the body, which may require surgical procedures. There is stress or pain associated with these kinds of troubles and some of them can’t be cured for the lifetime.

Teacup pigs can’t sweat and there are many chances of getting dehydrated, if enough fluids are not provided to them. You need to keep water bowl near the eating area to avoid dehydration in the body. Teacup pigs are highly active creatures and you need to give them balanced diet to avoid making them obese. Apart from pet food, you can give them fresh fruits and vegetables to eat.